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Welcome To WILD FIRE

Take the Shirt Off Your Back Water Party!

Spend the afternoon with us at our fun free WATER Party event to raise clothing items to benefit the Julian Center. The event is FREE with any size donation of clothing (new or gently used).

There will be different water activities that include a water balloon toss, water bucket races, squirt guns, baby pool cool down stations and a grand finale of a Capture the Flag Water Balloon Fight at 1:30.

If you’d like to participate in the Capture the Flag game please make sure to register to attend the event at Facebook

Join Us On Our Quest to Change the World

What is WILD FIRE? It's is a variety of things. It might be described as a community or activist group, or maybe it’s a bit like pay it forward. The truth is, it is a lot of different things, and that’s part of what makes us different. Every event we organize is unique from the last. Every kind act we require from friends is specifically designed for them. We focus on touching people’s lives in unique creative ways that bring our community together. We all give what we can, when we can and how we can, and we're excited to have you!

Anyone Can Go Volunteer So Why Choose WILD FIRE

Friends invite friends. This means you know people and you get to have a great time while supporting a positive cause. We believe in fun because if it’s not fun, you won’t be back!

Imagine a world where people were brought together by values instead of segregated by them. That’s us. We come from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious faiths because it’s not our differences that connect us but our core belief in each other. So go out there one friend at a time and SPARK their interest. Together we make a difference.


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